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COP26 #BuildingsPavilion - The Global Resiliency Dialogue: Collaborating for Climate Resilient Buildings (ICC)


Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4)

COP26 #BuildingsPavilion

Watch the recording of the event: 

Place: Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4) 16 places available

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 GMT


The International Code Council hosted a hybrid presentation to introduce the Global Resiliency Dialogue ( and announce the release of the new publication, Delivering Climate Resilient Building Codes and Standards. Moderated by Judy Zakreski of the International Code Council, the panel also featured Neil Savery of the Australian Building Codes Board, Marianne Armstrong of the National Research Council of Canada, and Rolf Fenner of the Australian Planning Association. The report details the challenges faced by building code developers in integrating forward-looking climate science into building codes to ensure the future resilience of buildings and communities, and explores opportunities for global collaboration in filling the gaps. Presenters also discussed the development of international resilience standards for buildings – the next step in their work.


On the occasion of COP26, the International Code Council will host an event on "The Global Resiliency Dialogue: Collaborating for Climate Resilient Buildings" in GlobalABC's #BuildingsPavilion on November 5, 13:00-14:00.

Recognizing that buildings and people are facing increasingly severe natural hazards caused by extreme weather, and that this increased risk is felt by countries around the world, building code developers and researchers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States joined together to work through the challenge of integrating climate science into the development of building codes. In January 2021, this group, the Global Resiliency Dialogue, released the findings from a global survey of building code development and research organizations regarding how climate data and assessment of extreme weather event risks are currently considered or addressed in building codes around the world. A second survey was undertaken among stakeholders in each of the four participating countries to assess how to best facilitate climate responsive and resilient building codes and standards. The results of that second survey will be released and shared at this Buildings Pavilion presentation. The presentation will also discuss the next stage of work for the Global Resiliency Dialogue, which involves the development of global resiliency guidelines for buildings.


  • Judy Zakreski, International Code Council
  • Rolf Fenner, Planning Institute of Australia
  • Neil Savery, Australian Building Codes Board
  • Marianne Armstrong, National Research Council of Canada