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GlobalABC Regional Roundtable for Asia Pacific


Watch recording of the event: 


Date: 9 July

Time: 11:30 - 13:00 Bangkok Time

We are delighted to announce that the GlobalABC will host its 2021 Regional Roundtable for Asia-Pacific, as a virtual event, on the occasion of the Asia-Pacific Climate Week.

This event will discuss the level of ambition needed in the buildings and construction sector, as well as the key tools to deliver that vision by 2050 and the landmark milestones that need to be achieved by 2030. These tools include the NDC toolkit, building passports, and the national roadmaps under development, showcasing the examples of Vietnam and Cambodia, where roadmaps are being developed and which bring targets, timelines and key actions in policy, technology and finance through inclusive, multilevel governance and stakeholder processes. It is a call for all buildings and construction stakeholders to join efforts and work together towards a zero-emission, efficient and resilient built environment. The regional roundtable is a building block on the road to COP26 and insights will feed into commitments and actions launched and presented at COP26.

The event is a building block on the road to COP26 and insights will feed into commitments and actions launched and presented at COP26. The event will build on existing buildings and construction resources such as the GlobalABC Guide for Incorporating Buildings Actions in NDCs and the GlobalABC Regional Roadmap for Asia, as well as commitments and initiatives including the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, Race to Zero & Resilience, Systems Transformation and Breakthrough Commitments including net zero buildings; clean construction declaration; zero carbon buildings commitment from the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit.




Welcome and introduction
UNEP Regional Office – Sudhir Sharma


Keynote: Building Pathways to Net-Zero


Mr. Ha Quang Hung, Deputy Director General, Housing and Real Estate Market Management Bureau, Ministry of Construction, Viet Nam


Panel discussion What existing tools and processes can help ratchet up ambition in the buildings and construction sector?

Moderator: Nora Steurer, GlobalABC Secretariat 
- Septia Buntara, ASEAN Center for Energy
- Saraubh Diddi, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India
- Peter Graham, Global Buildings Performance Network 
- Alexandra Kanitz – Nexial
- Oliver Woodruff, ARUP Vietnam




Country commitments – Jonathan Duwyn, GlobalABC Secretariat


Closing Remarks – Jonathan Duwyn, GlobalABC Secretariat




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