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Online Training Course on Energy Efficiency Financing Mechanisms with a Special Focus on Buildings and Appliances

With the ongoing commitment of the meetMED project funded by the European Union to fostering energy efficiency measures in buildings & appliances, RCREEEMEDENER in cooperation with the Tunisian National Energy Management Agency (ANME) are organizing an online training course on June 29th,2022.

This one-day live course looks at energy efficiency financing mechanism with special focus on buildings and appliances.

All Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries need to act now to address energy efficiency measures within their national strategies. Whether to support commitments towards the global warming; reduce energy security concerns; and to comply with the global movement for better quality of life.

This training presents the main aspects that aims to reinforce the energy efficiency measures and practices in the building sector and appliances with focus on the strategies, financing mechanisms, special financing programs for the buildings or the appliances with case studies from Mediterranean countries (Egypt and Tunisia) and the European Commission.

🗓 29 June 2022

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