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RENdez-vous - Renewables for Sustainable Development: Connecting the Dots (REN21)

Date: 15 July

Time: 12 - 13:30 CET

When people think about energy and development, especially in a developing country's context, they typically think about providing access to electricity or fuel for clean cooking. But renewable energy underpins all forms of development and its contribution can be measured through a variety of indicators including jobs, agriculture production, economic growth, etc. Renewable energy also supports development by ensuring energy sovereignty, freeing up financial resources for infrastructure development, healthcare, education, among others.

Despite this, energy and development often remain as two different discourses. Why is this the case? How can renewables support widespread sustainable development? How do we frame the discourse so that it is renewables, not fossil fuels, that meet the clarion call for energy for development?

Join the RENdez-Vous on Thursday 15 July for a discussion with experts about development and renewable energy: on the links, the possibilities and the challenges that exist when truly accelerating renewable energy for all development, particularly in the developing countries context.

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