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Webinar - Achieving the 2030 climate goals: One-stop-shops for multi-family building renovations (BPIE)

Date: 8 July

Time: 14:00 - 15:15 CET

Multi-family buildings represent 47% of residential dwellings in the EU. However, the sector remains largely overlooked in terms of sustainable renovations and energy retrofits, despite a growing need for them. As such, this webinar will provide insight into how cities and regions can overcome the barriers often present when promoting and supporting multi-family renovations in various socio-economic classes. A benchmarking study will provide a market overview of home renovation programs within Europe, while in-depth case studies from Spain, France, and Belgium will be featured. These examples will demonstrate how communities in partnership with local stakeholders can carry out high-performance renovations on the residential building stock and will offer practical solutions for increasing the uptake of multi-family building renovations.

Additionally, the webinar will highlight an innovative approach to energy poverty and urban regeneration. Themes within this webinar will also revolve around the Renovation Wave strategy, related EPBD revisions, and how to best use the EU recovery funds. 

See the agenda here.

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