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"Business Case for Green and Affordable Housing" report launch events (IFC)

Date: 22 September

On the occasion of the publication of the paper "Business Case for Green and Affordable Housing" in the Journal of Enterprise Development and Microfinance, and as part of the World Green Building Week 2021, the IFC is organizing a launch event to disseminate the findings of this flagship paper. Three webinars will be organised, catering to specific time zones and language groups:

  • Asia-Pacific: in English
  • Europe, Africa, Americas: in English
  • Latin America: in Spanish


The emerging business-driven case for green affordable housing reveals five drivers of profitability: 

  1. Access to international green finance flows for better financing terms;
  2. Minimized incremental cost through early planning; 
  3. Faster sales through market differentiation; 
  4. Savings on utility bills for owners and renters; 
  5. Lowered default rates and superior collateral value for green mortgages.

Additionally, fiscal and nonfiscal incentives from local or national governments can further catalyze the market. Case studies from several emerging markets show that the right combination of government incentives (including non-fiscal policies); education and technical assistance to developers (including a no-cost option); and green finance (including green bonds and green mortgages) can transform housing markets. The workshop will use the learnings from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. As of February 2020, IFC has helped certify as green 80,000 affordable housing units worldwide. Affordable housing certifications represent 5.5 million m2 of real estate space, over 50% of all certified residential space (totaling 9.8 million m2). 

To find out more about the time zone that best suits you and to register, click here!