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Real estate practices in European firms: scaling up ESG issues? (IOD)


Environmental, Social and Governance factors are now anchored in companies’ practices at national level.

Nevertheless, with the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the elaboration of decarbonization pathways among others, European regulations have to be considered by all actors. Moreover, due to their international development, real estate companies need to fully understand how their counterparts in European countries deal with ESG issues and what the regulations are for each of them.

How and to what extent can European companies implement ESG strategies at European level ? There is a clear demand for real estate actors to address ESG topics and risks in their investments and activities throughout Europe. It has become a necessity to address European-wide ESG issues.

How are European regulations applied abroad? How different are the decarbonisation pathways throughout Europe? How mature are the real estate sustainable issues in European countries?

The French Green Building Observatory is launching a new programme tackling these issues. It will be presented at this event. The conference will be held online on Thursday 23rd of September, from 9 to 10 am CEST.

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