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GlobalABC events & regional roundtables

UNFCCC Technical Expert Meeting on Mitigation - Buildings: Pathways for moving to scale

14 October 2020, 12:00-1:45 PM CET/Paris time

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The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) is leading this year’s UNFCCC Technical Expert Review on Mitigation (TEM M) on Human settlements Sustainable low-emission housing and building solutions. Technologies and design for buildings, housing and construction via three sessions in September and October. Check the calendar or link above for related events. 

This third session focuses on 'Developing pathways for moving to scale'.

We need effective long-term strategies, including embedding ambitious buildings and construction commitments into NDCs, devising performance-based building codes and standards, and setting up public procurement procedures and certification. Developing regional and national roadmaps as pathways which include such measures as milestones are important tools in devising such strategies and engaging relevant stakeholders. This session will address how buildings are reflected in NDCs, the role of building certification, how to develop effective roadmaps and pathways for transforming the built environment, and what type of cooperation is needed to effect change.

Speakers include:

  • Introducing tools for moving to scale: MPGCA pathways and regional roadmaps: Martina OTTO, UNEP/Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC)
  • Achieving a net zero built environment: What’s needed in NDCs and building standards: Dr. Peter GRAHAM, Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)
  • Transforming the buildings market through certification: Dr. Christine LEMAITRE, German Sustainable Buildings Council (DGNB) GmbH
  • Moving to action - from regional to national roadmaps:
  • Christiana HAGENEDER, GIZ/Agence Française pour le Developpement and Programme for Energy Efficiency in buildings (PEEB)
  • Dr. Ngoc ANH, Ministry of Construction (MOC), Vietnam