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Tracking progress

2019 Global Status Report for building and Construction

The Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction asks the central question ‘Is the buildings and construction sector on track to meet the Paris Agreement Goals?’ It tracks global progress on key indicators for energy use, emissions, technologies, policies, and investments globally.

Global share of building and construction final energy and emissions, 20018

Central findings of our 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction include that a big step-up in ambition is needed to put buildings and construction on track to meet Paris Agreement Goals. Dramatic improvements in the way the world’s buildings are built, designed and operated are urgently needed if the vast, globally significant building and construction sector is to play its part in meeting international goals under the Paris Agreement.

Buildings and construction generate nearly 40% of energy-and process-related CO2 emissions, yet action continues to lag far behind opportunity.  The report underlines several worrying trends – overwhelming the many positive ones also featured – that governments need to address now to get on track to meet targets by 2030 and beyond. CO2 emissions are on the rise, and more stringent measures are needed to counteract this. For instance, most buildings build over the coming decades will be built in countries without mandatory buildings energy codes in place. 


Indeed, without action, energy demands for this sector could rise by 50% by 2060. Indeed, we’re not on track. Without serious and sustained action these rising energy demands from this vital sector mean we cannot achieve the urgently needed climate transition or the sustainable development goals.


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