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Launching the GlobalABC Asia Regional Roadmap for Buildings and Construction

With 4.5 billion people, the Asia Pacific region is home to 60% of the world’s population and is responsible for almost half of global GDP. With a rising population and a dramatic increase in wealth, the Asia Pacific region could represent nearly half of the new construction in the world by 2040. The decarbonization of the building and construction sector in this region is essential to meeting our global climate goals.

The GlobalABC Asia Regional Roadmap , developed with the International Energy Agency, and in collaboration with WorldGBC and WRI, charts the course for the decarbonisation of this sector – an opportunity with an estimated value of approximately USD 17.8 trillion by 2030 in East Asia Pacific and South Asia.

With contributions from 250 experts, this Regional Roadmap Report is a living document for Asia that can be adapted over time to support sub-regional and local roadmap needs and adapt to trends in the buildings and construction sectors.

Join us on 29 October during Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) to learn more about the Asia Regional Roadmap and how to take part in the transformation of this vital sector.

Registration is free, here (please select Roundtable 2)