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New report 'Good homes for all – A proposal to fix England’s housing' - Centre for Ageing Better

Poor-quality housing is an injustice that nobody should be forced to suffer, and yet is the norm for an estimated 10 million people in England. This is a ‘now or never’ moment for transforming the state of our homes. COVID-19 has shown the profound effect our homes have on our physical and mental health. Net zero targets cannot be met without decarbonising our homes. And we need suitable homes for the coming age shift in our population - by 2041 one in four of us will be aged 65 or over.

Through an evidence-based analysis of housing policies, people’s experiences and through engagement with a wide variety of key stakeholders the Inquiry panel has developed a set of proposals that are ambitious, but also workable and realistic. The recommendations of the Centre for Ageing Better include replacing the Decent Homes Standard with an enhanced Good Home Standard, developing a network of holistic local ‘Good Home Agencies’ to deliver a range of improvement and retrofit services, and providing government-backed lending and grants to improve homes.

Find the full report here.