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GlobalABC & PEEB's APCW side-event 'Building a net-zero future – how to set, finance and implement effective NDCs for buildings and construction'

Date: 8 July

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 CET

Construction in Asia is booming. Almost half of new construction in the world by 2040 will happen in the Asian region. Energy demand for cooling in buildings is expected to soar. Already today, the operation of buildings in ASEAN, China and India accounted for 27% of the region’s final energy use and 24% of energy-related CO2 emissions (2018). In addition, manufacturing building materials has a heavy carbon footprint. 

Reaching net-zero emissions in the building sector is possible, but requires clear and ambitious policy signals. How can countries set ambitious and effective targets towards net-zero in the building sector? What is needed to mobilise climate financing to trigger investments? How can countries use national programmes to stimulate job creation, economic development, health and climate adaptation? 

The event presents best practices in setting and implementing climate targets for the buildings sector, including effective NDC targets, building sector roadmaps and national financing programmes, bringing in views from the public and private sector. This event is a building block on the road to COP26, organised by the Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB), in collaboration with GlobalABC country members in the region. Insights will feed into commitments and actions launched and presented at COP26.

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