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The Green Solutions Awards International Ceremony at COP28
| 18:00 GMT+4


The Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023 International Winners will be revealed on December 5th at COP28 in Dubai, specifically on the day prior to Buildings Day. It serves as an exceptional opportunity to showcase to the global community the existence of sustainable, cost-effective, and replicable solutions.

In the spirit of collaboration, this year's awards ceremony will be organized in partnership with Business France. Participants will also have the unique chance to visit the BIG 5 construction fair and explore various cutting-edge sites.

The event is set to be attended by over fifty esteemed institutions, delegation members, experts, and journalists actively participating in the COP summit. For those who are unable to attend in person, the international ceremony will be broadcast live, ensuring global accessibility.

To witness this momentous occasion, we invite you to tune in to the live broadcast via the Construction21 website, starting at 6 p.m. local time. Stay informed, stay inspired, and join us in celebrating the champions of sustainable innovation. For registration of the event, please visit here.

Don't hesitate to reserve the spots! Learn more about the award here.

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