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International Passive House Open Days


The International Passive House Open Days on November 10 to 12 offer an exceptional opportunity to delve into the world of Passive House and energy-efficient construction. Connect with current homeowners and gain firsthand insights into the experience of living in a Passive House, along with the intricacies of building or retrofitting. Some open houses and buildings will even have knowledgeable professionals on-site to explain the technical aspects of Passive House projects. The database of the passive houses can be found here.

In addition to engaging discussions and learning about Passive House, participants have the chance to experience Passive House buildings, both residential and non-residential, firsthand. Enjoy the comfort of stable indoor temperatures, explore the ventilation systems, pose questions, and contemplate the possibilities of incorporating Passive House principles into your own building projects.

All building owners/building users of Passive Houses or buildings renovated to the EnerPHit standard, which have been calculated with the Passive House Project Planning Package (PHPP) and which are registered in the Passive House database at, can participate. This database serves as a platform for the Passive House Open Days. Additional information on the inspection modalities of the participating buildings will be published approx. 6 weeks before the event and will be hidden again directly after the event.

Register your passive house tour here.

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