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Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2021

Date: 11 - 14 May

The Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2021 (LACCW2021) will provide a platform for representatives of national and sub-national governments, cities, the private sector, financial institutions and civil society to jointly discuss opportunities to better recover from the COVID19 pandemic. On the other hand, it will serve to recovery policies and identify opportunities to incorporate ambitious measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to climate change.

During this week, a series of virtual thematic sessions will be held for establishing partnerships with all members of society to manage climate risks and take advantage of opportunities for transformation. Sessions include online workshops, exhibitions and side events.

The Virtual Thematic Sessions focus on three themes:

  • National actions and economy-wide approaches – Discussion on ambitious action in key sectors and how these actions can integrate in national planning and economic packages to enable COVID-19 recovery and support the Paris Agreement. 
  • Integrated approaches for climate-resilient development – Collaboration to discuss the climate risks facing Latin America and the Caribbean, develop low-carbon solutions and seek partnerships for risk-based approaches to adaptation and resilience building.
  • Seizing transformation opportunities – A platform to explore breakthrough solutions to deliver climate action at a scale that puts Latin America on a low-emission and highly resilient development pathway, with focus on key sectors of the economy that need deep transformation.

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