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Sustainable Housing for Resilient Communities: The Challenges of Affordability


On 30 August 2022 at 14:00 Paris timeUIA Work Programme Community Architecture & Human Rights (CA + HR) is hosting a webinar, Sustainable Housing for Resilient Communities: The Challenges of Affordability. Speakers will share experiences and innovative ideas and projects through the lens of UN SDG 11: “Sustainable Cities”.

The UIA Work Programme on Community Architecture and Human Rights (CA + HR) focuses on UN SDG 11: “Sustainable Cities”, the objectives for which include providing safe and affordable housing, fostering inclusive and sustainable urbanisation, protecting the world’s cultural and natural heritage as well as ensuring access to safe, inclusive green and public spaces.

During the most recent period punctuated by continuous crises, from sanitary and environmental to fiscal, energetic and social, communities around the globe have been required to be resilient in order to meet daily needs. But it is important that long-term sustainability goals not be compromised by short-term urgency as our communities struggle for survival. Short term and long-term objectives will require new set of principles, methods and tools, which are complementary and not exclusive to one another.

Considering the above, CA + HR, focuses on the issue of affordable housing as a key to addressing this holistic agenda and invites a set of prominent speakers to share their regional and local experiences with confronting current challenges and sharing innovative out-of-the-box ideas and projects. Two webinars will host a lively and much needed dialogue, mapping the field and balancing the need for tactical immediate action with long-term strategic planning. Beyond presenting young architects and students of architecture with an array of successful case studies based on proven professional knowledge, the intention is to stimulate an inclusive and forward-thinking discussion on harmonising local action with global priorities and risks.


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