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Skat Consulting
Skat Consulting
Address: Skat Consulting Ltd. Vadianstrasse 42 CH-9000 St.Gallen Switzerland
Region of Activities: Switzerland
Founded: 1978


Since our inception 1978, Skat has an established track record of successful, high-impact projects and partnerships, adding value to companies, organizations, and government agencies at home and abroad. We are well-known as independent resource centre and consultancy working in the fields of development and humanitarian aid with a specialisation on low-carbon building material and water management projects.

Our services range from knowledge sharing to policy and strategy development. Our experts provide technical expertise and management support as well as training, research facilities and project implementation successfully in over 100 countries.

In all our activities we are committed to reducing the gap between rich and poor through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged and marginalised people.


  • Backstopping and Programme Support to the Community-Based Governance and Social Services Component of the UNDP/GEF project Climate Change Mitigation in Ukraine through Energy Efficiency in Municipal District Heating:

The aim of the backstopping and programme support provided by Skat in the pilot project of Rivne was to assist UNDP in the development, initiation and implementation of a community-based approach in energy efficiency through social mobilisation – an approach that involves capacity building measures as well as various legal, institutional and management aspects.

  • Promoting Climate Responsive Building Material Production and Off-farm Employment in the Great Lakes Region:

The currently locally promoted technologies for energy efficient building material production aren’t economically viable solutions for mass scale dissemination. Successful technologies and production methods from Africa, Asia or Latin America shall be transferred to the Great Lakes Region. After adaptation to local raw materials, fuels and market context, they shall be demonstrated and documented regarding social and environmental and economic performance. Simultaneously, the local authorities, banks and service providers shall be enabled to create a supportive environment, allowing the building material sector to change to a more sustainable structure.

  • VSBK – Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns and other SCP –Sustainable Construction Practices in Nepal:

To contribute to the mitigation of global warming and environmental degradation by reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emission while fostering sustainable (economic, environmental, social) production leading to economic prosperity, as well as poverty reduction in Nepal, while networking and reaching out into surrounding areas in South Asia.