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Give your feedback on new European building stock data hub

ICLEI Europe is working with European partners to encourage governments at all levels to develop policies and renovation schemes that support the decarbonisation of buildings. One way it is contributing to this shift is through the BuiltHub project, which is developing a platform that will serve as an open source hub that draws together building data repositories.

Buildings generate about a third of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the European Union (EU). With a goal of reaching an overall 55% reduction in emissions by 2030, buildings in the EU – both old and new – must decrease emissions by 60%.

In 2020, there were approximately 131 million buildings in the EU – most of which were classified as residential. The transformation of existing buildings, as well as ensuring that new buildings are as energy efficient as possible, is no small task for cities.

Access to complete and up-to-date data on the building stock is essential for policy makers, organisations, and individuals because it provides a full picture understanding of where improvement is required. This is where the BuiltHub project comes into play.

The platform has now reached an exciting stage in its development, as it seeks to collect feedback from the public. Energy, building, data, planning, and policy professionals – those expected to be the main users of the platform – are invited to respond to a survey, whose results will help guide developers to create indicators, analysis, visuals, and the platform itself.

The survey requires approximately 25 minutes to complete and responses are being collected until 31 August, 2022.
Once complete, the BuiltHub platform will be able to provide data analysis, comparison, validation, benchmarks, and community interaction.

Learn more about the platform here and about the European Building Stock here.