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Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction 

The Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction (Buildings-GSR) is a flagship publication of the UNEP-hosted Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC). The Buildings-GSR provides an annual snapshot of the progress of the buildings and construction sector on a global scale and reviews the status of policies, finance, technologies, and solutions to monitor whether the sector is aligned with the Paris Agreement goals. It also provides stakeholders with evidence to persuade policymakers and the overall buildings and construction community to take action.

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Global Roadmap for Buildings and Construction


Global and Regional Roadmaps for Buildings and Construction

The Global Roadmap for Buildings and Construction helps set pathways to decarbonization of the buildings and construction sector by 2050. Developed as a framework and a process, they present a comprehensive approach to emission reductions from the built environment along the full life cycle, with aspirational short and medium term and longer-term targets and timelines towards achieving zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction between 2020 and 2050. This document builds on the 2016 Global Roadmap towards Low-GHG and Resilient Buildings.

Below, you can download all three Regional Roadmaps: Africa, Asia and Latin America. 




Africa Roadmap


Asia Roadmap


Latin America Roadmap


Mapping of Certified Green Building and Initiatives in Africa

The map identifies projects registered or accredited under non‐African and African energy labels. Green building certification projects across Africa are under blue labels, and initiatives relating to construction materials are under orange labels.

This mapping work was undertaken under the 2022 Buildings-GSR. The authors of the first sourcing are Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, Omar Wanas, and Eng. Ibtissem Bouattay. If you are keen to contribute information on green certification projects and initiatives relating to construction materials in Africa, please reach out to the GlobalABC Secretariat at

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From the GlobalABC Work Areas

adaptation paper

Buildings and Climate Change Adaptation - A Call for Action

Adopting Decarbonization Policies for the Buildings and Construction Sector

Adopting Decarbonization Policies in the Buildings and Construction Sector - Costs and Benefits 

NDC guide

A Guide to Incorporating Buildings Actions in NDCs 

Decarbonizing the Building Sector - 10 key measures

Decarbonizing the Building Sector - 10 Key Measures

WBCSD MT levers


Market Transformation Levers for a Net-Zero Built Environment

10 principles for effective action

Adaptation of the Building Sector to Climate Change: 10 Principles for Effective Action

Building Passport

The Building Passport: A Tool for Capturing and Managing Whole Life Data and Information in Construction and Real Estate


CAPSA Digital Building Passport Platform


The EU taxonomy – what does it mean for buildings?


Why are we still not adapting? Instigating adaptation in the built environment