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Paving the Way Across the World for Circular Built Environment
Region of Activities: Global
Type: Brochure
Subject: Circularity
Origin: One Planet Network; Minister of Environment in Finland; RMIT University; UNEP; GlobalABC

This brochure introduced the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme from 2015-2022, One of the six programmes established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) serving as the Secretariat of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP) and its One Planet Network (OPN). SBC was led by the Ministry of the Environment Finland, UNEP and RMIT University from Melbourne, Australia. The target of the programme, as indicated, is to bring attention to the role and importance of circularity in the built environment, and of the Global South to lock-in sustainable and circular approaches in construction. It helped map circularity indicators in the buildings and construction sector against the SDGs.

The legacy of the One Planet Network (OPN) Sustainable Buildings and Construction (SBC) Programme continues as Circular Built Environment (CBE) sub-working group of the Materials Hub of the Global Alliance of Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC). CBE builds on the momentum that the OPN SBC programme set during 2015-2022. The work continues through a partnership between the GlobalABC and the 10YFP/OPN. The GlobalABC advances international co-operation related to sustainable buildings and construction. It is a community of stakeholders from different parts of the world representing the entire buildings and construction value chain. The brochure introduced the focused aread of the CBE, and its main mission.