Publishing date: 03/19/2018

GABC Assembly 2018

Summary of events
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GABC Assembly 2018

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC) Assembly gathers all GABC members and is the primary organ of the GABC. It determines strategic vision, monitors progress and approves updates on Work Areas and Work Plan. The Assembly elects the Steering Committee and the Steering Committee co-chairs. Unless otherwise established, all decisions of the GABC are to be made by consensus of the GABC members. 

This year's GABC Assembly occured on the 19th and 20th of February 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Assembly gathered 50 people attending in person (including those attending the technical panels). 24 people registered to attend via video/audio conferencing.

The Assembly elected the GABC Steering Committee and approved the Steering Committee co-chairs. It also discussed and, where applicable, approved: the 2018 GABC Work Area objectives and work plans, the 2018 GABC Work Plan and the associated budget, the concept for the GABC Regional Roundtables, the GABC Resource Mobilization Strategy, and the GABC Branding Guidelines.

In addition, the 2018 GABC Assembly discussed potential new GABC topics. At the outset of the Assembly, two technical panels on buildings and construction in the MENA region where held.

Closing remarks summarized Assembly achievements. Remarks highlighted the productive and positive atmosphere of the Assembly, the great, very motivated, and insightful GABC member engagement, including participants in person and participants via video/audio conferencing, as well as the way forward that is forming. Special thanks were expressed to the Interim Steering Committee for preparing relevant documents and the Assembly hosts Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE), and in particular Ibrahim Al-Zu’bi.

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC)

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