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Korea Authority of Land & Infrastructure Safety
Address: N/A
Region of Activities: South Korea


The Korea Authority of Land & Infrastructure Safety is the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport affiliated specialized safety institution that was newly launched in December 2020 according to the reinforced construction safety policy. It includes the Green Remodeling Center. The institution’s purpose is to contribute to securing the safety and increasing the welfare of the people by effectively performing business related to the safety and quality management of construction work, safety and maintenance of facilities, and underground safety management. The Green Remodeling Center performs businesses to improve energy performance and indoor air quality of public buildings mainly used by vulnerable social groups (day care centers, health centers, and medical institutions), which has been more than a decade since the completion of construction.

Also, the institution is performing old building status evaluation (Green CLINIC), design consulting (Green COACH), seismic performance evaluation, and structure safety test. It is comprehensively evaluating cooling, heating, hot water supply, lighting, and ventilation by applying the standards of the Building Energy Efficiency Rating System and Building Energy Consumption Caps. Thus, the institution is contributing to the decreased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of buildings by performing buildingrelated green and energy validation, review, and evaluation.


  1. Through the “Existing Public Buildings Performance Improvement Business (May 29, 2015–),” lead the performance improvement and success model discovery of public buildings and support the business to expand to private buildings.
  2. Disclose half-year energy consumption of public buildings every year. : The disclosed contents are as follows:
    • Basic information about a building (user, manager, use of the building, address, number of floors, total floor area, etc.)
    • Total energy consumption of the location and by building (electricity, gas, fuel consumption, etc.)
    • Air conditioning and heating. : We conduct the on-site inspection to review the appropriateness of the reported energy consumption’s energy consumption characteristics and usage situation.
  3. Carry out a business to improve energy performance by transforming old buildings among the previously constructed ones into green buildings. : The buildings that have gone through green remodeling will be given certification marks called the “Green Building Certification” and will proceed to the energy performance analysis before and after construction. Based on the analysis, we will perform quantitative analysis on energy performances through programs like ECO2.
  4. Actively implement the carbon-neutral policy of the government by promoting green remodeling business for public and private buildings to create a convenient environment through old building safety and performance management. : Establish and operate the life cycle management system to manage information of about 7.31 million buildings across the nation and manage green remodeling business data and energy usage tracking data. : Reinforce business support and promotion (1,649 cases) by establishing the green remodeling local base platform with the government (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport), local governments (17 cities and provinces), and cooperative firms (131 institutions). : Establish plans in connection to the energy performance evaluation of old public buildings with high energy consumption to promote mandatory green remodeling of public buildings in the future. : We are establishing the method and system to receive certification to promote the private building green remodeling certification system in the future.
  5. Energy performance improvement business for old public buildings used by vulnerable groups -(Business purpose) Promote expansion to the private sector and create exemplary cases through reducing GHGs and improving the living environment according to the improved energy performance of old public buildings -(Basis for promotion) Article 27 of the Green Buildings Construction Support Act -(Support details) Support energy consultation and business expenses to improve energy performance and the living environment of old public buildings
  6. Interest in support business for private building green remodeling -(Business purpose) Promote activation of green remodeling business by subsidizing some of the construction loan interest to promote the improvement of the energy performance of private buildings -(Basis for promotion) Article 27 of the Green Buildings Construction Support Act -(Support details) There will be up to 3% interest support (4% for the low-income class including the basic livelihood security recipients) according to the support standard when concluding a loan commitment with a financial institution regarding the construction expenses of improving the energy performance of existing buildings