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2019 GlobalABC Annual Narrative Report
Author: GlobalABC
Region of Activities: Global
Type: Report
Origin: GlobalABC Secretariat

The GlobalABC has made good progress against its key goals and milestones over the course of 2019, further cementing the foundations of the partnership, forging a common voice and vision and pathways for the needed transformation in the buildings and construction sector: The urgency of climate action in the buildings and construction sector continues to gather momentum with buildings included in the broader climate agenda and the COP25 schedule, from the SG’s Climate Summit to the regional climate weeks. National, sub-national and private sector actors are stepping up their ambition, leading to an increased number of commitments. The GlobalABC is established and recognised as the international platform that gathers a broad range of building and construction stakeholders and has stepped up its outreach and communication; for example, the social media presence in the lead up to the 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction launch at a press conference at COP25 led to multiple press and web references.

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