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Decarbonisation of the Built Environment - EDGE


EDGE is on the “cutting edge” of decarbonizing the built environment and moving to a CO2 free economy. Today’s buildings generate 39 percent of GHG emissions from energy use and by 2050, the built environment is expected to double, mainly due to growth in emerging markets. We explore EDGE’s role in the decarbonization of buildings through the Advanced and Zero Carbon certification. So, what does it mean to go Zero Carbon with EDGE? We hear from carbon offset experts who explain the process of obtaining offsets for your project, as well as the EDGE team about achieving this certification level on a project. This webinar panel is organized by IFC to raise awareness of the power of zero carbon buildings, with thanks to the UK Government for its generous support.



- Introduction - 10 minutes

- Decarbonization Overview - EDGE Team - 30 minutes

- Carbon Credits and Offsetting - ClimateSeed - 20 minutes

- Questions


April 14th

1:00pm South Africa time, 4:30pm India time

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April 21st

11:00 EST (Boston/NYC)

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