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The 16th Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlement

Date: 27-29 October

Theme: Accelerate Green Transformation and Innovation towards Healthy, Resilient and Carbon-neutral Cities

The 16th Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards Ceremony (GFHS 2021) will be organized in a format combining online and offline participation, to address how cities can use green recovery as a golden opportunity to kick-start a green transformation and drive innovation at all levels and across all sectors, thus enhancing urban safety, resilience and inclusiveness, boosting green growth, and achieving coordinated, healthy, and high-quality sustainable urban development.

Dignitaries from numerous countries, senior officials from UN and concerned international organizations, green city mayors, business leaders, and well-known experts and scholars will be giving keynote speeches and joining thematic discussions. Webcasting and simultaneous translation between Chinese and English will be available to foster interactive dialogues with stakeholders across the globe, and it is expected to reach out to approximately a hundred thousand of interested persons.

Format: Online + Offline + Webcasting

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