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COP26 #BuildingsPavilion - Heritage regeneration, retrofit and resource efficiency in the built environment (Historic Environment Scotland)


Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4)

COP26 #BuildingsPavilion

Watch recording here:

Place: Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4) 16 places available

Time: 13:00 - 13:30 GMT


The event presented on heritage regeneration, retrofit and resource efficiency. Our historic buildings are part of the climate solution. Maintaining them and upgrading them is resource efficient and will help us reach net zero. We went live to Glasgow Cathedral where there is a live skills taster event introducing young people to the skills needed to look after our existing buildings.


Regeneration of our existing built environment can support net-zero targets and contribute to efficient and sustainable places whilst supporting circular economy principles and resource efficiency. Our historic built environment is a key part of this. We already have valuable, resilient and adaptable buildings and infrastructure which have stood the test of time. Maximizing their use reduces carbon emissions from demolition and new construction and provides opportunities for local skilled jobs and local supply chains, with a focus on traditional skills training and indigenous knowledge. It also connects people with culture and heritage which builds community resilience and paves the way for transformational change. This session, organized by Historic Environment Scotland will demonstrate how our historic built environment can support net-zero and resilience, and showcase some of the initiatives happening across the host city of Glasgow.


  • Ewan Hyslop, Historic Environment Scotland
  • Katie Carter, Historic Environment Scotland