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COP26 #BuildingsPavilion - Passive House Ice Box Challenge (ILAPH)


Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4)

COP26 #BuildingsPavilion - Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day

Watch the recording of the event :

Place: Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4) - 16 places available

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 GMT


November 11 was Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day, which coincided with the final day of the Ice Box Challenge Santiago, which ran from November 2 to 11, in line with the COP26 schedule. The International Passive House Association, together with Instituto Latinoamericano Passivhaus (ILAPH) held their session "Passive House Ice Box Challenge - Crossing Borders" to announce the results of the Ice Box Challenge Santiago. Giorgia Tzar was joined by Juan Manuel Vazquez and Alejandro Moreno in person and online to discuss Passive House basics in hot and temperate climates, the project's youth engagement efforts and what the results of the public installation mean for current building regulations and standards in the UK and Chile. The session ended with a live-stream of the results from Santiago, where the local construction standard kept only 245kg of the original 1000kg intact, while the Passive House box maintained 645kg. Similar results were seen in Glasgow this August, where the Scottish regulation box was completely empty a whole 5 days before the closing ceremony, while the Passive House box maintained 121kg of the original 917kg, despite a surprise heatwave pushing temperatures well above projected conditions.

As well as discussing Passive House as a pathway to improving our existing building stock and future new builds, the session took the opportunity to announce that the next Ice Box Challenge is just around the corner: Sydney, Australia will be hosting their own Challenge in February 2022!


This event, organized by ILAPH, is aimed not only at the general public but also at professionals, politicians and educational institutions. Santiago de Chile with the presidency of COP25 and Glasgow as host of COP26 will be linked through this event as part of the Santiago/Glasgow Route during COP26 in November 2021. To teach energy efficiency to its citizens in a playful and fun way. With a high media effect, the city's leading position in terms of environmental commitment to its citizens would be demonstrated.


  • Giorgia Tzar, Association Manager, iPHA
  • Marcelo Huenchuñir Bustos, President ILAPH
  • Dr Alejandro Moreno Rangel, Research Associate at Lancaster University
  • Juan Manuel Vazquez, Executive Director, Latin American Passive House Institute