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COP26 #BuildingsPavilion - Tools and NDCs towards zero-carbon and resilience (GlobalABC, FIABCI, iiSBE Italia, PEEB, GBPN)


Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4)

COP26 #BuildingsPavilion

Watch the recording of the event : 

Place: Buildings Pavilion - Boardroom (Hall 4) 16 places available

Time: 11:30 - 12:30 GMT


On Monday 8th, FIABCI, GlobalABC, GBPN, PEEB and iiSBE Italia R&D hosted a hybrid presentation of effective tools and instruments towards carbon neutral cities and buildings. Moderated by Elisabeth Belenchia of the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI, the session featured Anna Schindler of the Office for Urban Development Zurich, Suhas Diwase from Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority in Maharashtra, India, Peter Graham of the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN), Vu Thi Kim Thoa of the Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB), Andrea Moro from iiSBE Italia and Teresa Coady of iiSBE International, Canada. Anna Schindler introduced the carbon-neutral label by the Swiss Office of Energy for achieving the 2000WattSmartCity label. Peter Graham launched the NDC Buildings Toolkit with tools, good practices and policy recommendations for setting up effective building NDC targets and actions. The Vietnam NDC Buildings and Construction Sector Roadmaps was introduced by Vu Thi Kim Thoa and, finally, Andrea Moro, followed by Teresa Coady, introduced the iiBSE open-source building rating system for resilience, and its 12 Principles of Conscious Construction for achievement of the GlobalABC mission and vision.


This side event will introduce tools towards zero-carbon and resilient buildings: a carbon-neutral SmartCity label, an NDC buildings toolkit for incorporating building actions into NDCs and an open-source building rating system for a resilient built environment.

Speakers: Elizabeth Belenchia, Andrea Moro, Teresa Coady, Andreas Gruner, Vu Thi Kim Thoa