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COP26 - Green affordable homes: a scalable solution for inclusive, sustainable and resilient African cities (Reall - with GlobalABC participation)

COP26 event - With GlobalABC participation

Virtual event

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 GMT

The number of people living in urban centres across Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to increase to 1.3 billion people by 2050 - an increase of 183% from today. Already 300 million people across the region live in substandard housing, many in cities extremely vulnerable to the impact of climate change. The world’s poorest countries with the greatest rates of urbanisation will pay the highest price of climate change. Catalysing the flow of climate-smart affordable homes within wider city planning is a huge opportunity for locking in resilient city growth, crowding in green investment and delivering on the SDG agenda.  

This session will spotlight Beira, Mozambique, a city highly vulnerable to sea-level change and extreme weather, showcasing progressive city-wide resilience work and pioneering green and resilient homes for low-income groups. The opportunities for scale-up, adaptation and replication across Africa will be explored in conversation with African housing innovators and the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction. 

Affordable green homes, as a core element of green infrastructure, can accelerate the transition to net-zero, drive inclusive growth and build resilience for people and for the planet. Seizing this huge opportunity requires collaboration, lesson-sharing and integration within wider climate agendas. 

The session will be broadcast live on the Resilience Hub Global Platform.