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COP27 #BuildingsPavilion - Just Transition in the Built Environment: Workers’ voices for Sustainable Construction

COP27 #BuildingsPavilion (lot. n°113)

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

COP27 #BuildingsPavilion

Place: #BuildingsPavilion Auditorium (lot. n°113)

Date: 12 November 2022

Time: 17:00-18:00 Eastern European Time

Lead organisation(s): FTQ-Construction

Partners: Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI)

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The construction industry has the potential to contribute significantly to emissions reductions and to the creation of jobs, but it is important these come with good working conditions. The biggest challenge for this transformation is getting social support and political will. The technology, skills and investment capital exist to help the transformations, but it will be the working people who will make them happen. The union movement is calling for a Just Transition that leads to decent job creation and greater protections for workers that are experiencing job transitions. Achieving these objectives requires plans and strategies developed by governments with the active involvement of the industry, both employers and trade union. That is more than a good practice. It is also a way to help assure that plans are workable and realistic and that there are not unnecessary delays in retrofitting or new construction.

This session aims to address the need of social dialogue and the inclusion of workers in the process to adapt the construction industry for be more resilient and effective. Through capacity building and social dialogue, the inclusion of the artisans of the industry can ignite change in unexpected areas. This discussion will present some local and national initiatives of social dialogue lead by workers association for climate awareness on work sites.


  • Philippe Lapointe, FTQ-Construction, Canada
  • Garikanai Shoko, BWI Africa and MENA Region
  • Jennifer Cooper, NEU UK