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COP27 - Coastal Resilience: How Alignment of Funding, Policy, Codes and Measurement Help Build Resilient Communities and Nations (ICC, Resilient Cities Network, America Is All In)

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Location: TBC

Time: TBC


Join us for a panel discussion that will help raise awareness on and decipher key levers for funding and financing holistic, equitable coastal resilience in the United States and around the globe - from the design and permitting to legislation and accompanying funding. Our panel discussion will include the intersection of building codes, lending and grantmaking metrics and assessments, policy and legislative actions for cities, regional governments and countries - all with aim to imbed and keep a return on resilience value, break down financing silos, and generate common language and process for the urgency of shocks and stresses the world is encountering. Resilient Cities Network, the Resilience 21 Coalition, the International Code Council and key public and private partners will co-convene this panel to accelerate the conversation and action on the ground around the world.