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Energy Efficiency First Summit: How to implement the Energy Efficiency First principle and boost Europe’s Energy Security?

Brussels and Online

Organised by Enefirst and sEEnergies, this conference will illustrate how implementing the Energy Efficiency First principle can help make the most out of energy efficiency and other demand-side resources to achieve a sustainable and resilient energy system in the EU. The two days will combine the latest findings of the sEEnergies and Enefirst H2020 projects, together with experts’ roundtables, including discussions about quantifying EE1st with a new look at energy system cost to investigate trade-offs between end-use energy efficiency and supply-side options to decarbonize buildings; and how quantitative assessments can inform the trade-offs between energy efficiency, RES and electrification on the road to carbon neutrality in buildings.

🗓 31 May (11:00-18:00 CEST) & 1 June 2022 (10:45-16:30 CEST)

📍 Brussels & online

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