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GCCA Webinar: Building the Resilient World of Tomorrow


About our webinar

The climate emergency is escalating, and communities all over the world will have to deal with its various inevitable effects. Even while rightly taking measures to mitigate climate change and reduce its causes, we must prepare and adapt to new and extreme conditions. Higher temperatures, more precipitation and rising sea levels, among others, are already taking their toll. Government, business, and other leaders must radically rethink how to protect people, the planet, and our prosperityClimateAdaptationSummit2021

The built environment and key infrastructure are crucial to building resilient communities across the world - of which cement and concrete will play an important role. 


Our webinar will bring leading voices together to discuss some of the important themes of adaptation and resilience across the world. 


  • UN High Level Climate Action Champions, speaker tbc
  • Aris Papadopoulos, Resilience Action Fund
  • Carlos Ruiz, Vice Minister for Housing, Government of Colombia
  • Kamal Kishore, Member Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India
  • Global World Green Building Council, Middle East and African Division, speaker tbc
  • Lizzie Blaisdell Collins, P.E., S.E., LEED AP, VP Engineering, Build Change

Moderated by Dr Andrew Minson, Concrete and Sustainable Construction Director, GCCA


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About the GCCA

The GCCA is the Global Cement and Concrete Association. Our member companies operate in almost every country of the world. GCCA members account for 80% of the global cement industry volume outside of China - and also includes some key Chinese manufacturers. In 2021 our member companies made a collective milestone commitment to a net zero future - setting out in our 2050 roadmap how to fully decarbonise. Together, we are committed to building a bright, resilient and sustainable concrete future for our industry and for the world.

he event is free to attend - please register here Webinar Registration - Zoom