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Getting the building sector to Net Zero: brick by brick (PEEB/UNFCCC)

PCCB Hub, UNFCCC Pavilion


Place: PCCB Hub, UNFCCC Pavilion

Date: 8 November 2022

Time: 15:45-16:45 Eastern European Time

Lead organisation(s): Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB), UNFCCC


The focus of this event is to discuss solutions for the built environment, especially the buildings sector, to allow for resilience but also mitigation of climate change within urban settings, so as to reduce the overall impact of these. We will engage with a panel representing business, NGO, cities and investors, to highlight the technologies that exist, but also the barriers - structural and legal - that impede their rapid uptake and use. We will discuss the biggest blockages and how some of them may be overturned.

The participants will bring to bear their own experiences and those of their organizations, including the efforts they are taking to reduce their environmental footprint, and how these different entities can reduce a cities' overall environmental footprint.