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Mass Timber Shafts and Shaft Wall Solutions for Mass Timber Buildings


Date/Time: Thursday, December 15, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST 

The rapid growth of mass timber construction in the U.S. has led to a variety of solutions for shaft wall framing. Mass timber buildings can have mass timber shaft walls, light-frame wood shaft walls, or shaft walls constructed of a different building material altogether. The prefabricated nature of mass timber shaft walls also makes them a good solution in light-frame projects. This presentation will cover material and detailing options for shaft walls within mass timber buildings as well as mass timber shaft walls in other building types. Specific emphasis will be on meeting structural demands and fire-resistance rating requirements for various construction types and building heights as demonstrated through case studies of real projects.


  • Anthony Harvey, PE – WoodWorks
  • Jeff Spiritos – Spiritos Properties
  • Andy Ruff – Gray Organschi
  • David Odeh, PE, SE – Odeh Engineers
  • Mike Scancarello, PE – Odeh Engineers
  • Matt Harwood – Holmes Structures
  • Alyson Blair, PE – Holmes Structures
  • Chris Grosse – Lever Architecture

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