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From Risk to Resilience: The path towards achieving disaster and climate resilient infrastructure”

Resilience Hub, COP

Place: Resilience Hub

Date: 11 November 2022

Time: 9:00-10:00 Eastern European Time

Lead organisation(s): Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)


Managing and reducing disaster and climate risk is essential to the resilience of infrastructure systems and the essential services they provide. Accessible and comparable probabilistic multi-hazard, climate conditioned financial risk metrics are fundamental to closing the resilience gap. These metrics can be used to make the case for the integration of disaster and climate risk management into national infrastructure policies and plans, and to inform the development of design standards and norms. They are necessary to make the economic case for resilience and to enable the economic valuation of approaches such as Nature-based Solutions. Financial risk metrics are also critical to calculate the contingent liabilities and the risk adjusted returns on investments in infrastructure projects and to calibrate risk financing schemes and mechanisms. This session will present the preliminary results of a pioneering Global Infrastructure Risk Model and Resilience Index (GIRI) – the first ever probabilistic risk and resilience assessment covering global infrastructure sectors.


  • Mr. Andrew Maskrey, Coordinating Lead Author of the CDRI Flagship Report on Disaster and Climate Resilient Infrastructure
  • Mr. Amit Prothi, Director General, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
  • Mr. Aromar Revi, Director, Indian Institute of Human Settlements
  • Dr. Gabriel Bernal, Chief Technical Officer, Ingeniar Risk Intelligence
  • Ms. Ekhosuehi Iyahen, Secretary General of the Insurance Development Forum
  • Prof. Jim Hall, Director of Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
  • Ms. Savina Carluccio, Executive Director, International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure