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Rural Development Project: The Case Study of the Green Certified Community in Aswan Fares Village

Egyptian Pavilion

Place: Egyptian Pavilion

Date: 17 November 2022

Time: 13:00 – 13:45 (EET)

Lead organisation(s): Ministry of Planning, and Economic Development, Egypt


Egypt has successfully commissioned one of the most unique documents. The Green
Guidelines for Rural Community is intended to make green and sustainable solutions in
communities and buildings accessible, affordable and promote knowledge transfer
attainable. Egypt represented by Ministry of Planning, and Economic Development has
completed the guidelines with partnership with the stakeholders and is now undergoing
the implementation of these guidelines on a prototype village. Furthermore it is
extending its commitment by having the village audited and certified by an independent
global body. The World Green Building Council and Egypt Green Building Council.

Fares green village in Aswan governorate is the first of its kind to receive green
certification. One of its main features is responses to climatic needs. The village is
currently being prepared for an audit with partnerships. It is under the project
management plan set by a private sector company ECOnsult. This prototype is aimed to
be upscale. Currently the green certification of the first low income rural community is
being set as an example of project management with various stakeholders.

Egypt is pioneering the Green Guidelines for Rural Communities and is establishing
how they can be applied in a prototype. The case of creating one of the first Green
Guidelines for Villages and rural communities is spear headed by a leading private
sector firm and commission by the Ministry of planning and Economic Development as
one of the first green guidelines to exist for this income and sector profile on a global
level. This project is about management and processes. In this session we will exhibit
the timeline and partnerships showing how Government, Civil Society, Private Sector
and locals all worked together towards achieving this goal. The African upscaling will
seek to highlight the potential collaboration and exporting this model.