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SBE22 Berlin - Sustainable Built Environment D-A-CH Conference

Berlin, Germany

SBE22 Berlin


For a post-fossil world that provides a healthy and happy livelihood for many people and living beings, a new vision is needed. The question ‘How do we manage the transition?’ is inevitably accompanied by the question ‘What will this world look like?’ The EU Commission recently launched the environmental, cultural and economic project “New European Bauhaus of the 21st Century” as part of the European Green Deal. The aim is to foster climate neutral, affordable and creative design solutions to transition our built environment towards sustainability. This leads to two essential questions: (1) What requirements arise from new forms of living together for planning and building? And (2) What concrete target, planning and verification parameters emerge for all levels of action in the building and real estate sector as well as in urban and regional development, which ensure that the planetary boundaries are respected and complied with? 

The forthcoming sbe22 berlin conference “Built Environment within the Planetary Boundarires” will be a unique opportunity to provide a scientific platform in central Europe with the special focus of Switzerland, Austria and Germany for integrative and transdisciplinary collaboration and exchange between science, politics, industry and civil society which is needed to meet this challenge.ontext, the planetary boundaries model, which shows the ecological stress limits of our earth systems, can be understood as the guiding framework needed for future transformation processes.

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