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Webinar - The Cost of Improving Vulnerable Housing (Build Change)

Date: 19 January

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 CET

By 2030, three billion people—about 40% of the world’s population—will be living without adequate housing, and as disasters increase in frequency and severity, that number is increasing. One of the common barriers to homeowners, governments, funders and others who could invest in improving vulnerable housing is a lack of information or misunderstanding about the associated costs.

This 60-minute free webinar will present the key findings of a home improvement cost study undertaken globally by Build Change and based on nearly 1,500 Build Change designs from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific in order to share key information and trends about the costs of improving vulnerable housing to make it more resilient.

This webinar will provide investment recommendations and insights on the cost of improving existing housing along four key cost categories: structural condition repair, habitability upgrades, disaster mitigation measures, and finishings and growth, compared across different building typologies, hazards, contexts and objectives. Panelists will discuss how these insights can be used for home improvement projects across the globe, with case studies from Build Change’s experience in Colombia, Nepal, and Philippines.

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