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World Green Building Week 2022
World Green Building Week 2022


The World Green Building Week 2022 is taking place from 12 to 16 September 2022. This World Green Building Week, the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) and national GBC are showing how their network’s holistic approach to #BuildingforEveryone can accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainable built environments for everyone, everywhere.

#BuildingforEveryone’s three themes highlight how the built environment can support the UN’s SDGs:

Building for the planet

The climate crisis is also a global health crisis. Unless we take urgent action to reduce climate breakdown now, the health of millions of people will be negatively affected by increased temperatures, infectious diseases will spread faster, and it will be harder to grow the food we need to live healthily.

Building for communities

1.6 billion people will lack access to safe, adequate housing by 2025. To combat the global cost of living crisis, we need to take urgent action now to address inadequate, unaffordable housing and enhance equity, economic productivity and environmental sustainability.

Building for economies

Sustainable built environments bolster our economies’ most important asset — nature. Accelerating a more circular and regenerative economy will create new jobs and savings on energy bills. We need to take urgent action now to advance economies that are more productive and resilient for our communities and our planet.

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