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International Living Future Institute
International Living Future Institute
Address: 1501 E Madison Street, Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98122
Region of Activities: United States of America


The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) has been transforming the building industry  through fully regenerative buildings for 15 years. We call this a Living Future - a future where buildings are zero carbon, made with healthy materials, socially just, and sustaining for all. ILFI is most known for its pioneering work with the Living Building Challenge (LBC), the building industry’s most ambitious environmental and social performance standard, and a suite of complementary programs. This vanguard approach has inspired the industry and led to more than 800 projects in 32 countries, ranging from affordable housing complexes to wineries and corporate office spaces; in all climates— from arid deserts to rainy coastal cities; and all sizes —from tiny homes to 3,000,000 square foot campuses. Our visionary work has started many critical shifts and focus areas for the industry, including embodied carbon accounting, healthy materials specification, electrification, social and human rights impact, onsite water reuse, and more. Successful projects with companies like Google, Amazon, and Harvard University have demonstrated that a Living Future is not only possible in practice and policy, but is also scalable. Armed with new tactics and a robust growing community, ILFI is ready to scale our impact and voice for exponential change in how we design, build, and operate buildings.