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Saudi Green Building Forum
Address: 7215 Abdullah Alsahmi St, Al Safarat, Riyadh 12512, Saudi Arabia
Region of Activities: Saudi Arabia


SAUDI GREEN BUILDING FORUM (“SGBF”) is a professional member-based association for Patriotic Purpose; a Non-Governmental Organization in Consultative Special Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Saudi Green Building Forum, "The ideal reference to the practices of Green Building and Sustainability in the Arab world; The most prominent Civil Society Representative to the United Nations for Health, Safety and the Environment."

The Saudi Green Building Forum developed online Sustainability Assessment Accredited Fronds (سعف) namely saaf®️ certification a platform for Clean Energy, Water Harvesting, Material Resources, Basic Infrastructure and Human Experience as a catalyst for change towards Sustainable Developments Goals; Transformational tools that is enabling economical, social and environmental policies, promoting employment, volunteering and business investment by establishing green culture, systems practices and applications.


The saaf® program recorded a total gross square meters: 22,265,119 for 1218 Green Projects in Saudi Arabia: 240 certified and 978 registered with 36 saaf® certification

2021 Publication of UNEP/ IRP/ One Plant initial report of Catalysing Science-Based Policy Action on Sustainable Consumption and Production:


2020 SGBF to be accredited by the United Nations Environment Program one of 25 CSOs in west asia

Written statement received by SG of UN for the HLS 14 to 17 July 2020 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA. Titled “Our role is being the honest voice of bridging the gap…

SGBF Taskforce with UNEP (IRP/SCP)

Taskforce Member of C20, B20 and W20 for the G20 Saudi Arabia.

2019 SGBF Oral Statement at HLS; SGBF join One Plant Network; SGBF join UN Volunteer members to contribute time and skills as online volunteers;

The saaf® program knowledge the 1st on-line task awarding volunteers honoring SDG #17, offering certification by UNV platform.

2018 The saaf® Delegation chaired by HRH Prince Khaled Alwaleed to the United Nations’ High-Level Political Forum during 9-18 July 2018.

Attending the first publication on the 18th of July, Voluntary National Review (VRN) for Sustainable Development Goals. by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2017 The Saudi Green Building Forum granted Consultative Status as a Non-Governmental Organizations:

The basis for the consultative relationship between the United Nations and SGBF non-governmental organizations is set forth in ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31.

12 regional cities has joined saaf® program continue to be recognized by Governors sponsored by Public and Private Sector.

Student Green Building Council established and joined by the 1st Student Club of Effat University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia becoming the world's 3rd most sought after Green Building country with 1167+ saaf® registered projects, since 2010.

2016 Saudi Arabia Initiative continue by Saudi Green Building Forum hosted by the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs sponsored by Public and Private Sector.

The saaf® distinguished certification by SGBF, adopted 3P’s Professionals, Products and Projects, accredited by IAS International Accreditation Services and recognized by SASO Saudi Accreditation Standards Organization.

2015 The saaf® Green Building is a trademark owned by SGBF. The saaf® report announced the registration of 500 projects of more than 10 million square meter of built-up area, since 2010.

2015 Saudi Arabia Initiative continued by Saudi Green Building Forum hosted by the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs sponsored by Public and Private Sector.

The Saudi Green Building Forum announced the constitution and foundation and formed its trustee board chaired by HRH Prince Khalid bin Alwaleed AlSaud.

SGBF Recommendations to establish Saudi Green Building Council, Students Green Building Council, Saudi International Code Council announced part of Arab International Code Council (network of 22 council opened).

2014 Saudi Arabia Initiative continued by Saudi Green Building Forum hosted by the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs sponsored by Public and Private Sector.

The Foundation of Saudi Green Building Forum established as the 1st Non-Government Organization chartered by Shariha deed registered by the Ministry of Commerce and Investments.