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Sunyata Hotel
Sunyata Hotel Private Limited
Address: AIT College Rd, Chikmagalur, Karnataka 577101, India
Region of Activities: India


Sunyata Eco Hotel is a self sustainable green building constructed with a cradle to grave approach for net zero carbon emission goal. The hotel has 11 rooms, a small movie hall, a restaurant and store. This can accommodate up to 25 guests and caters to all type of budgets customers can choose depending on the grade of the rooms. This gives us the opportunity to reach people across all economic spectrum and come and experience a green stay and educate them on the sustainability aspects they can take home and employ in their own lives or build projects.

All this and more done within a 6000 sq feet of land area and 15000 sq feet of built up area thus achieve minimalistic design to achieve maximum sustainable initiatives.


1. Built using compressed earth bricks sourced within a 15 mile radius.
2. Walls built using a combination of rammed earth, poured earth and mesh brick walls.
3. A 70% reduction in use of concrete compared to conventional buildings.
4. Harvested rain water for drinking purposes throughout the year using a air and light proof undergrounds tank to store such rain water.
5. Water well to save harvested rain water collected around the building thus recharging ground water levels.
6. Eco-sewage Treatment plant inside the building to treat and reuse grey water for gardening and flushing purpose.
7. Ongrid Solar system with net metering to keep energy usage neutral.
8. All furniture's, pots made using local carpenters and potters, recycled chairs from scrapyard.
9. Reusing building waste materials to construct inner road thus reducing the construction waste to less than 1%.
10. Use of Terra-Cota bricks with mud filling and grass layers for parking structure to soak in rain water and avoid excess water run off downstream.
11. No Plastic bottled drinking water for guests and provision of reusable steel bottles with free unlimited rain harvested and filtered drinking water.
12. Earth Air- Cooling system to regulate room temperatures using underground heat air exchanger thus removing harmful air conditioners.