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COP27 Buildings Pavilion

The COP27 Buildings Pavilion is hosted by the GlobalABC and the United Nations Environment Programme and co-hosted by We Mean Business Coalition and World Business Council for Sustainable Development, sponsored by 16 entities and in collaboration with BuildingToCOP Coalition, UNFCCC MPGCA, Global Buildings Performance Network, and the Government of France. The Buildings Pavilion is located in the Blue Zone (Zone C, Area 5,  lot n. 113).

We Mean Business Coalition is also hosting a Business Pavilion for Climate Leadership in the Blue Zone, with WBCSD and 70+ partner organizations, to bring an ambitious and coordinated business voice to COP27. The pavilion is located in Area C, Delegations Pavilion 5, no. P118 (right across the Buildings Pavilion). Open events held in the auditoriums will be available to view online via livestream. Discover over 100 events hosted at the Business Pavilion here.

COP27 is a critical moment for the buildings and construction sector to showcase solutions for climate action and all stakeholders along the built environment value chain to unite as one voice towards building decarbonization and resilience.

The Buildings Pavilion is a space for businesses and policymakers to interact, a meeting place for buildings and construction community, and a space to showcase solutions through events, exhibitions, awards, etc. From 8 to 17 November, the Buildings Pavilion will be hosting over 50 events in line with the daily themes interconnected with the COP27 Presidency and Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) agendas.

This year, our tagline is "Build4Tomorrow" (#Build4Tomorrow). 

  • Build4Tomorrow means aligning the transition with UNFCCC’s Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) - Human Settlements Pathway.
  • Build4Tomorrow means accelerating deep collaboration towards achieving a 2030 Buildings Breakthrough target.
  • Build4Tomorrow means ensuring a just transition and enhancing building resilience.
  • Build4Tomorrow means turning Africa’s housing challenges into building opportunities of sustainability and resilience.
  • Build4Tomorrow means means decarbonising the building sector along its lifecycle by 2050.
  • Build4Tomorrow means greater ambition and bolder policies for building decarbonisation.
  • Build4Tomorrow means adopting a whole life cycle perspective, tackling materials as well.
  • Build4Tomorrow means building with improved energy efficiency.
  • Build4Tomorrow means all stakeholders work together towards a zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector.
  • Build4Tomorrow means forging pathways through building decarbonization and resilience roadmaps.

Discover the Buildings Pavilion programme below or download the pdf here.


Discover more free resources from our COP27 Buildings Pavuilion Trello board

All the events in the auditorium will be livestreamed, with the same link. Follow live over 50 events at the Buildings Pavilion, starting from 8 November 2022!

Click here to watch the event recordings.