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Discover ULI Greenprint's newest report "Electrify : The Movement to All-Electric Real Estate"!

Across the built environment, the movement toward all-electric buildings is growing. Real estate interest is being driven by different factors, such as emerging regulatory requirements and the growing threat of climate change. 

The Urban Land Institute's new report Electrify : The Movement to All-Electric Real Estate shows how the commercial real estate industry can shift toward a decarbonized future by moving to all-electric buildings, and the importance of why real estate firms need to be aware of the movement. As more cities pass “gas bans” or carbon emissions reductions goals, and as tenants and residents demand healthy and sustainable spaces, the move to all-electric real estate is important to consider. Electrification across new and existing buildings is improving real estate’s bottom line, future-proofing portfolios, attracting high quality tenants, lowering building emissions, and improving the health and safety of building occupants.


This report will be presented during a webinar hosted by ULI on 30 June (19:00 - 20:00 CET), which will bring together public sector and private sector perspectives and experiences on the movement to all-electric real estate, to help industry leaders understand and prepare for an all-electric future. Register here to participate in the event.

Download the report by clicking on the link below!