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What do you expect from your collaboration with the GlobalABC community?

In March, all GlobalABC members gathered to participate in the GlobalABC Annual Assembly. Among other things, the Assembly presented an opportunity for welcoming new members to the ever-growing GlobalABC network and, by way of introduction, they were given the opportunity to share their thoughts on working with the GlobalABC community. Discover their statements below!

UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy:

The UK is delighted to join the GlobalABC, not least in such an important year for accelerating climate action. We look forward to working closely with members to tackle the biggest challenges facing the buildings and construction sectors in the coming decades. Through pooling our resources and expertise, we can coordinate action to make the decarbonisation of buildings quicker, cheaper and easier for all.


We are excited to bring REN21's renewable energy community into the GlobalABC network and look forward to a dynamic exchange with all members on decarbonising our buildings with renewables.

Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Fund Management Corporation:

Working with GlobalABC provides a platform for convergence of ideas and efforts of all stakeholders to make the Planet Earth sustainable.

Global Green Growth Institute

I am looking forward to working with committed partners to improve the sustainability of the building sector.

Climate Chance

Strengthen collaboration between Climate Chance and GlobalABC, especially opening the opportunity for an effective work with local actors, in the African continent.

Groupe IDFN

Our main policy aims at promoting innovation and cooperation, which is more than ever much needed in the current context. In this regard, we are eager to work hand in hand with every member, in a mutually beneficial way, hoping that this is the beginning of real changes in favor of our common environment.

Build Change

Build Change is looking forward to being a member of GlobalABC to collaborate with and learn from other members to advance policy and advocacy about resilient housing and building and to develop initiatives to ensure all people have access to a safe home.

Quimera Energy

At Quimera Energy we are excited about collaborating with the like minded community at the GlobalABC  to promote and deploy our tangible solutions to reduce Energy Consumption and carbon emissions at zero cost to our clients and so help others reach their net zero targets.

BIM Africa:

Considering the vital roles that buildings play in achieving energy-efficient societies, BIM Africa is delighted to participate in such a robust network of built environment stakeholders and contribute to global efforts to ensure net-zero carbon buildings while leveraging innovation and digital technologies.

Chile Green Building Council

The Chile GBC is very excited to be the first Chilean entity to join the GlobalABC network and contribute with our experience to accelerate the implementation of sustainability solutions and promote market transformation while making visible the work done in our country to fulfill decarbonization and sustainable development goals.

Global Building Network:

Transforming how the building and construction sector does business everywhere will require the kind of interconnections that exist within the GlobalABC that transcend disciplines, sectors and geographic locations

Federated Hermes

What excites us most about working with the GlobalABC community is the opportunity to work at the forefront of an innovative interdisciplinary group working to transition the built environment, and in particular the opportunity to collaborate with partners on a global basis.

Argentinian Centre for Engineers

The Argentinian Center of Engineers wishes to contribute to create a solid relationship with all organizations as per SDG 17. We pursue a sustainable transformation of the built environment, understanding that this goal can only be achieved through strong union and cooperation of small and big efforts. As Pope Francis said ‘we have realized that we are all in the same boat and called to row together.

Global Cement and Concrete Association

We have recently announced our aspiration to produce carbon neutral concrete for the world by 2050 and look forward to working with colleagues right across the  built environment and wider to help us achieve this important climate ambition.

International Code Council

The International Code Council are leaders in supporting advancements related to sustainability and resilience in the built environment. We view our participation in Global ABC as an excellent opportunity to collaborate with others who share our mission of helping communities to forge a path forward on energy and sustainability to confront the impacts of a changing climate.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University is excited to support GlobalABC in its activities related to achieving global sustainability in the built environment. Within Cambridge University, our team at the Centre for Natural Material Innovation (CNMI) is particularly pleased to have the opportunity to support GlobalABC on work related to the use of natural building materials in achieving these aims.

Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia

The opportunity to engage and collaborate with like minded organisations that what make a better world.

Thank you to all our members for their great engagement in the GlobalABC's work, and we look forward to working together towards a zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector!