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Address: BROAD Town, Changsha, Hunan, China 410138
Region of Activities: China
Founded: 1988


BROAD Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. supplies non-electric central air conditioning powered by natural gas and waste heat with cooling, heating and hot water functions, and packaged water distribution system. BROAD Energy Service Co. Ltd. provides investment, construction and operation of district cooling-heating-power (CHP) projects, as well as design, operation and energy saving management with market mechanism. BROAD Air Quality Co. Ltd. supplies clean fresh air systems that can filter PM2.5 by 99.9%, a complete series of air purifiers from commercial to domestic ones and wearables, and air quality monitors. BROAD Sustainable Building Co. Ltd. provides factory-made sustainable buildings that are 90% pre-fabricated, 5 times more energy efficient compared to average buildings, feature 100 times cleaner air, and do not collapse even during earthquakes with a magnitude of 9. BROAD Air Conditioning supplies non-electric central air conditioning powered by natural gas and waste heat with cooling and heating functions, and high-efficient packaged water distribution system and CHP. There are 25,000+ BROAD non-electric chillers operating around the globe with 10% higher efficiency than similar products (could be 30% higher for condensation heat recovery technology). BROAD air conditioning helps save energy equivalent of 200,000 tons oil per year compared with similar product. Part of non-electric chiller uses renewable energy such as biogas and solar energy. BROAD Energy Service provides investment, construction and operation of district cooling-heating-power (CHP) projects, as well as contract energy management for renewable energy and waste heat. BROAD Energy Management Contract provides energy diagnosis, energy efficiency retrofitting, operation management, and investment/ financing services to customers. BROAD receives the return of investment and obtains reasonable profit by EMC while users can enjoy cost saving and worry free central A/C service. 10-40% energy is saved for users. BROAD Sustainable Building provides factory-made sustainable buildings featuring 90% pre-fabrication, 80% less energy consumption, 100times cleaner air as well as no collapse in 9- magnitude earthquake. Featured projects: 57F Mini Sky City built in 19 days, 30F T30 Hotel built in 15days, 15F New Ark Hotel built in 7days. BROAD Building Energy Efficiency provides energy renovation service for existing buildings, With only 4 simple measures as building thick thermal insulation, multiple-paned glass window and non-mental window frame, external solar shading as well as fresh air heat recovery, BROAD can reduce building energy consumption by 50-80%. BROAD Recycling Fuel Oil converts, through advanced oil processing technology, waste mineral oil and waste food oil into fuel oil and power oil, which not only increases energy efficiency by replacing diesel oil and natural gas, but also prevents the pollution caused by waste oil. BROAD saves oil resource by 200,000 tons per year. One ton of BROAD recycling oil reduces not only 20% of operation cost for the users⑾, but also 2 ton of CO2 emission for the earth. And recycling 1L of waste mineral oil is equivalent of preventing 1,000,000Lof underground water from being polluted.


Energy/climate/buildings-related activities: Air conditioning, district cooling-heating-power, and factory-made sustainable buildings construction. BROAD SUSTAINABLE BUILDING (BSB) Improves human life quality with buildings For the past century, all walks of life have undergone tremendous changes, with the construction industry as the only exception - designers working behind the closed doors, unfixed contractors and migrant workers, and ''ants moving'' construction mode. Whether in developing or developed countries, they are all alike. Since 2009,BROAD has invested RMB 4 billion to the invention of Sustainable Buildings featuring industrialized building R&D, streamlined production, container-like transportation and standardized installation, reaching no collapse in 9-magnitude earthquake, 90% factory-made, 5 times more energy saving and 100 times better air purification. It has advanced the world architecture technology 100 years forward, and has improved the living quality of mankind overall. When the video of ''a 57F building constructed in 19 days'' went viral in 2015, people with high sensitivity are aware that the world history is about to be changed dramatically.