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Dorce Prefabricated Buildings & Construction Ind. Trd. Inc
Address: Ankara, Turkey
Region of Activities: Türkiye


DORCE is one of the first established and sector’s leading companies as Turkish global brand on prefabricated modular steel structure manufacturing, export and international contracting services.
DORCE completes prefabricated modular structures towards meeting all kinds of needs on a turnkey basis in different geographical regions under harsh climatic conditions at same time with in-house engineering, procurement, production, logistics, assembly, infrastructure and superstructure works, including testing and commissioning.
DORCE, with its 40 years of experience, owns the largest prefabricated steel structure production facility in Europe, operating within the scope of local and international quality standards. DORCE is able to build prefabricated modular steel and conventional structures with the support of engineering and contracting services.
DORCE has a global presence in more than 60 countries as a company based in Turkey and has 40 years of experience;
- Industrialist/manufacturer identity; DORCE is one of the biggest manufacturers of light gauge steel structures in Europe. The production facility is located in Ankara, Turkey.
- Contractor identity; DORCE is one of the biggest 250 contracting companies in the world according to ENR (Engineering News-Record) for the last 10 years.
DORCE completes projects in Oil, Gas and Energy Industry, Mining Industry, Refinery, Construction Industry and Defense Industry, for Governmental Authorities (Ministries, Governorates, Embassies etc.), International and non-profit Organizations, etc. all around the World.


Dorce Prefabricated Buildings and Construction Inc. is one of the first in its sector to receive the ISO14064-Greenhouse Gas Certification Statement and works toward zero emission for a better sustainable future.
DORCE adopts and implements the following in order to serve sustainable development;

- We develop turnkey smart modular building projects that are in line with sustainable development goals, the principles of energy efficiency and zero waste, low carbon footprint, and within the principles the circular economy
- We follow a sustainable energy policy with the principle of increasing the usage of renewable energy resources.
- DORCE is constantly renewing itself to leave a greener, sustainable and fair world to future generations by taking environmental values into account, with its organizational structure that has implemented with the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).
- We assess and evaluate the environmental impact of our activities and follow all related policies and take necessary actions of environmental, water, and waste management.
- Within the scope of the Paris Climate Agreement, we measure and monitor our carbon emission in order to combat with climate change and aim to reach zero carbon footprint.
- We develop green building solutions for the projects by preferring eco-friendly materials and equipment.
- We carry out our activities with a completely recyclable product policy in the design, manufacturing, and material selection processes.