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RHEAT(™) has been developed by Build Change to help countries, states, territories, and cities to identify key gaps and challenges as they work toward achieving resilient housing at scale.

Resilient Housing Ecosystem Assessment Tool (RHEAT)

Creator: Build Change
Type of methodology: Rating or Index system
Approach type: CVRA (Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment)
Short description: Survey and rating system
URL to access information about the tool:
Hazards covered: Others
Audiences: National governments
Assessment level: Systems
Evaluation system:

Scoring system

  • Covers money, technology, policy
  • Scalable based on project

To de determined

The tool supports users to obtain a snapshot of the current housing environment, by assessing conditions at a given point in time. It can be a useful monitoring tool to guide understanding on priorities and resource allocation, and in doing so can help to maximize the chance of a program’s success.