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One Click LCA Academy
Author: Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance
Region of Activities: Global
Type: Training
Origin: Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance
Member: Built by Nature

Built by Nature strategic partners Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance have collaborated with One Click LCA to provide relevant and practical on-line training as a comprehensive introduction to life cycle assessment, embodied carbon, biobased materials and circularity in construction.

This is a free and open resource designed for City Officers, and is an important component of the project "Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon in Europe's Built Environment", funded by Laudes Foundation and Built by Nature. One Click LCA is the first and best easy and automated life cycle assessment software that helps you calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of your building & infra projects, products and portfolio. Our software helps designers, builders, manufacturers and investors to identify the most effective ways to decarbonise their construction projects, products and portfolios. It is used in more than 100 countries, includes the world’s largest construction sector database, integrates with over a dozen design tools and supports over 50 standards and certifications.

This programme will delve into the key topics, findings, and actionable suggestions that will empower city practitioners to drive carbon reduction initiatives. Enroll now to access videos, learning sessions, and receive a certificate of completion -- with coursework and materials available in English, French and Spanish. 

Please visit the academy webisite here.